Shopping in the City

Ukraine became an independent country in 1991.
Since then many new shopping malls and big stores have been built.
But many people still buy food in small kiosks.


Suggestions for teachers:

What fruits can you name in Ukrainian?
Where can you buy them?
What animal toys do you know?
What can you buy at a supermarket? At the market? At Univermah?
Where do you buy these things in Canada?

Ask children to create a short dialogue. For example,

–          Добрий день!
–          Добрий день! Мені потрібен телевізор.
–          Ось це телевізор. Скільки він коштує?
–          Телевізор коштує 1000 гривень.


Shopping in the Village

Most villages have a little shop.

The best place to buy things is at the weekly market.

Here are some things you can buy. The following pictures were taken in the village of Shramivka in 2007 and 2013.

Suggestions for teachers:

Where you buy non-food products?
How do you get there?
Where do you buy food?
How do you bring purchased items home?


Entertainment Facilities

Clubs are popular in Ukraine. Many people go there to enjoy good music and relax after a a hard working day. This is what the club in the village of Ploske looks like.