Climate is dry and continental in Ukraine.
Summers are dry and warm. The summer begins at the end of May or at the beginning of June. There are approximately 290 sunny days. In some cases, summer months can be very hot with the temperature far above zero, about +30°C or more. Overall, daytime temperatures are from 18 to 25 degrees above zero. Rain often falls throughout the summer with occasional thunderstorms, which usually take place at the end of the day. July is the warmest month. Many people go on vacations then.

Autumn is usually chilly and mild. It is fairly short. It begins in the middle of September and lasts until the end of November. October is believed to be the driest month.

Winter begins in December and lasts until the end of February. Winter months, on the other hand, can be very cold. Daytime temperatures can be far below zero, – 20°C. January is believed to be the coldest month.

Spring in Ukraine is very mild but still cool. Frosts are still possible. The temperature reaches +10 °C or more. Spring usually starts in the southwest and goes all the way to the north in about 37 days.

Suggestions for teachers:
What kind of climate is there in Ukraine?
What is the weather like in summer/autumn/winter/spring?
What is the weather like in your country/city?