Rights and Responsibilities

The Constitution of Ukraine states that every child in Ukraine has the right to a home, education, health,  and work.

Right to a Home

Ukrainian children have the right to have a home, where they feel safe. They live in apartments and private houses.

All parents need to make sure that their children have everything necessary at home. Also, parents must provide children with food and clean water. Only then a child can be safe and feel loved.


Right to Education

All children have the right to go to school. School education in Ukraine is free. There are public and private schools in Ukraine. At public schools, students get free books; however, sometimes, they have to pay for new books if the library does not have enough or if it does not have a particular book at all.

They buy their own school supplies and uniforms. Some schools are private in Ukraine. At those schools, parents may have to pay some money on a monthly basis. At private schools, level of education can be slightly better than at public schools. Private schools mainly exist in cities and towns. There are no public schools in villages. Once children have completed 12 grades, they have the right to go to a college or a university.

The government also partially pays for the university education. If a child does well at school and has high marks, the government will pay for the university education. If grades are not satisfactory, the student will have to pay for his own education.


Right to a Healthy Life

Every child has the right to stay healthy. Ukrainian children get free medical care. All schools in Ukraine have medical staff or a nurse. If children are injured, the nurse will take care of them right away. At certain age, children also get vaccine inoculations for free. Some city schools also provide free dental services. In villages, schoolchildren do not have these services. However, there, they can go to a dentist’s office that is usually located in the village hospital. If a village does not have the dentist’s office, parents can take their children to a nearby city or town to see a dentist.



Right to Protection from Harmful Work

In Ukraine, children who are 14 years old may work during summer and winter holidays. They are not allowed to work more than 4 hours per day. Parents have to give them a permission to do so. However, children cannot do work that may be harmful to their health. For example, children are not allowed to lift more than 20 pounds. Overall, they may not be involved in underground work, lifting or moving heavy things.


Suggestions for teachers: 
What rights and responsibilities do children have in your country?
How do they differ?
What jobs can children do in your country?