World Organisations

Council of Europe

Ukraine became a member of the Council of Europe on November 9, 1005.
There are 37 members overall. The main task of the organization is to ensure that the norms and standards introduced in the European Convention including the fundamental freedoms and protection of human rights are met.
Participation in this organization allows Ukraine to solve such problems as provision of freedom of travel within Europe, regulation of migratory flows, human trafficking.
The Council of Europe has implemented the programme Called “Action Plan for Ukraine” which is aimed at improving and strengthening the democratic stability in the country.



Ukraine joined UNESCO on May 12, 1954.
The main aim of this collaboration is to build and strengthen work relations of scientific, cultural as well as educational institutions in Ukraine with appropriate UNESCO organization. This helps to ensure the country’s involvement with humanitarian processes and strengthen intellectual potential of Ukraine.
Ukraine actively implements the programme “Education for All” created by UNESCO. Its main aim is to increase the number of associated schools and realize the tasks of the International Children’s and Youth Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better!”
As for the nature protection initiative, Ukraine wants to join its natural biosphere reserves with the European biosphere reserves network. This would help to preserve biological diversity of Ukrainian natural heritage. Overall, Ukraine has eight biosphere reserves certified by UNESCO.


Mission Without Boarders

Mission Without Boarders has been functioning in Ukraine for more than twenty years with the headquarter in California, the USA. This is a Christian organisation that helps people who are in need. The main aim is to reduce poverty.

They mainly work in Eastern Europe including Ukraine. The office is situated in the town of Rivne. Mission Without Boarders aims to help children and families that live in poverty by providing them with necessary food, clothing, various school and medical supplies.

In the village of Sarny, there is an office where people can get free medical assistance. There also are free dental services. Mission Without Boarders gives hope to Ukrainians and offers them practical support.

Canada is also a member of this organisation. The main office is located in British Columbia.

Suggestions for teachers:
What does UNESCO stand for?
What does UNESCO do?
What does Mission Without Boarders do?
Do you know any similar organisations in your city/country?