School in Velykyi Khutir

Schools in a village and in a city look differently. In the following pictures, you can see a school in the village of Velykyi Khutir. The pictures were taken in 2005.

Suggestion for teachers:

How do hallways in your school look?
Do you have a library?
How can you check out a book from the library?
Tell your classmates about the traffic rules in your city.


The First Bell

These pictures were taken in the village of Pidhaitsi in 2007.

Pidhaitsi is a large village only 2 km from the city of Lutsk.

Khrystyna is 6 years old and started school on September 1.

This is a video about the First Day of School.

In Ukraine, school ends at the end of May with a big celebration.

Students wear uniforms or their best clothes.

The 12th grade students will be leaving the school.

There are many speeches by the teachers and students.

Diplomas and certificates are given out to the top students.

Students sing and dance.

Finally, a 12th grade student picks up a first grade student and the Last Bell is rung.

This is a video about the Last Day of School.


Technology in the Classroom

In the pictures, you will see what kind of technology Ukrainian schools have.

Students can buy computers and laptops  at electronic supermarkets.

Here is Street View of the area near the
“Electronic Supermarket”



There are many children in the village of Pidhaitsi. They like to play different games. They will teach you how to play them. These games are very interesting.  The videos that you will see were made in 2007.  What are children’ names? Let’s meet them.

Here are some pictures and videos of children playing games in a village street.



This is the game called Klasyky.
Khrystyna is drawing the squares.
She is six years old.

Suggestions for teachers:

Have you played a game like this?
What did you call it?
Watch the video.
Do you play it the same way?
Draw the squares the way Khrystina did.
Draw the squares the way you play it.



Did Panas

This game called Did Panas was played by children in Pidhaitsi.
Pidhaitsi is a small village in Western Ukraine.

Suggestions for teachers:

Did Panas means Grandpa Panas.
What are the rules of the game in the video?
Have you played a game like this?
What was it called?
Did you play it the same way?


Zipsovanyi Telefon 

Children happily play the game Zipsovanyi Telefon  in the village of Pidhaitsi.  Christina, Nazar, George, Maxim and Sergei will teach how to play this game.



In the village of Pidhaitsi, children play game “Svitlofor”. To play this game, you need to know colours. There are following colours: red, black, green, yellow, pink, blue, blue, orange, white, purple, and brown. The game is played on the street. That is why you also need to have a piece of chalk.

Here are the game rules.

Suggestions for teachers:

Do you have the following colours in your clothes? Red, black, green, yellow, pink, blue, blue, orange, white, purple, and brown.

What colours do your neighbours have?



Children, in the village of Velykyi Khutir, love to play games. They often the play game called “Platochok.” For this game need a handkerchief.