House Tour by Yuri

Ukrainians have small, nuclear family of parents and children. They all live together. Quite often, they live with the extended family – grandmothers and grandfathers in one house. Yuri will give you a house tour of the house in which he lives together with his parents and grandparents.

In this video, Yuri will show you his village house – it is a very nice house.
Here are some of the words he says – with their meanings.

двері – dveri – door
вітальня – vitalnya – living room
меблі – mebli – furniture
диван – dyvan – sofa
подушка – podushka – pillow
лампа – lampa – lamp
годинник – hodynnyk – clock
телевізор – televizor – TV
телефон – telefon – telephone
туалет – tualet – toilet



Suggestions for teachers:
Have the children draw their living room.
Draw the shape of the room and put in furniture.
Label the furniture with English and Ukrainian words.
If you need a word, use Google Translate.